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A board game that comes to life

Play the official video game of CATAN on Console! Acquire resources, master new strategies, and build your settlements across a board that comes to life. Challenge friends both online and in the living room or play against smart & dynamic AI to become the winning Catanian!

Trade, build, settle

Perfect your strategies in single player where you'll play against Catanians from the CATAN lore. Each character comes to CATAN with their own traits for you to learn and play against. With dynamic play styles the AI will keep you on your toes ensuring that no two games play the same.

Play with friends or matchmake against other Catanians from around the world in multiplayer. Gather your resources and trade to build your settlements across CATAN to become the winning Catanian in multiplayer.

Play locally for the first time with friends! You can now play with up to 4 friends in the living room! Using your smart phone, connect to the game to track your cards without your friends seeing what's in your hand.

Game night Just got interesting

Play styles
Ranking System

CATAN - Console Edition delivers the original, authentic CATAN experience and lets you play with up to 4 friends. No two games are the same! With variable board setups you'll experience a different CATAN every time you play. Quick play allows you to get into the action quickly, boot up a board and start playing with pre-set roads & settlements.

No two games are the same


Beginners and experienced players will be able to fine tune their skills with our in-game tutorials. A mix of playable and visual learning tutorials will help any Catanian bolster their strategies & ensure they are ready when arriving on the shores of CATAN!

Next gen power

Experience more from the isle of CATAN with next gen power. With the power of 9th gen consoles, you'll see each high-quality detail on the board at a smooth 60fps in 4K, so you don't miss any of the action. As the board comes to life with each move you make, you'll be able to feel it in the palm of your hands with integrated PS5 Haptics.

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