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A board game that comes to life

Charmed by opportunity and the promise of faraway riches, you and a collection of likeminded adventurers abandon your homeland and livelihoods to discover new lands. Acquire resources, master new strategies, and build your settlements across a board that comes to life - Welcome to CATAN!


Perfect your strategies in single player where you'll play against Catanians from the CATAN lore. Each character comes to CATAN with their own traits for you to learn and play against. With dynamic play styles the AI will keep you on your toes ensuring that no two games play the same.

Full Cross-Play capability for multiplayer means you can play with friends or matchmake against other Catanians from around the world. Gather your resources and trade to build your settlements across CATAN to become the winning Catanian in multiplayer.

Play couch multiplayer for the first time with friends! Play with up to 4 people in your living room! Using your CATAN Card Companion on your smart phone, connect to the game, track your cards without your friends seeing what's in your hand.

Ice and Snow

The second of the official seasonal content packs arrives to CATAN - Console Edition; Ice & Snow! Brrr - Pack your winter galoshes because a cold front has gripped CATAN bringing with it some festive and snowy content! The island of CATAN will be blanketed with a fresh covering of snow, and the sea filled with icebergs and friendly orcas. You'll also encounter some snow-covered pines, a Christmas tree, with presents tucked underneath the decked boughs. You'll also get new characters, wintery themed tiles, dice, and hex frames! He might not be jolly, but The Robber is coming to town dressed in his finest Santa apparel!

Season Pass

CATAN - Console Edition: Season Pass grants you complete access to The Helpers expansion, Reap & Sow Fall Content Pack (both available right now!) as well as early access to two more seasonal content packs coming later. You'll also get instant access to the Cities & Knights expansion the moment it releases! Seasonal content packs only available for Xbox and PlayStation.

The Helpers

Help has arrived! Call on the skills and services of CATAN's most influential inhabitants as you strive to become the winning Catanian in the first official expansion to CATAN - Console Edition. The Helpers adds an additional layer of strategy to the base game of CATAN by introducing 12 characters known as Helpers. Each Helper brings their own unique and specialised skills to give players a strategic advantage in developing their fledgling communities into thriving cities.

Super Deluxe

The perfect option for anyone new looking to get into CATAN - Console Edition! The Super Deluxe edition contains the core game of CATAN - Console Edition, The Helpers expansion, as well as five Championship maps, based on the real-life game boards used in the CATAN World Championships, Hex Frames, and more!

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